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Solve problems in the shortest possible time and ensure business continuity.

 These are the objectives, respectively, of the Disaster Recovery solutions and of the Business Continuity service.

Disaster Recovery

In the context of data recovery and restoration of one or more IT services within a predetermined number of minutes/hours/days, two parameters are of significant importance:

1 – RTO (Recovery Time Objective): the time between an outage and the recovery of operations.

2 – RPO (Recovery Point Objective): the time at which the restored data was saved, reflecting the amount of data lost during the recovery process.

Business Continuity

The service is designed for all contexts in which the RTO and RPO indicators require almost immediate recovery timing with minimal or no data loss.

The purpose of Business Continuity is to prevent the interruption of the services provided even in case of failure, accident or maintenance, in order to ensure full operational continuity. 

Guaranteeing this continuity requires, from a technical point of view, many more steps.

Partnerships with Nakivo and Veeam

The reliability of our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions is based both on our proprietary multi-datacenter infrastructure, thanks to the presence in Italy and abroad of Criticalcase data centers that guarantee to the Customer the possibility to keep the devices on the remote site and on the consolidated partnerships with Nakivo and Veeam, the latter being a trusted partner of 82% of the Fortune Global 500, the famous list of the world’s largest companies compiled by Fortune.

VEEAM is an enterprise-grade software that provides distinct backup and Disaster Recovery services, depending on specific business needs; it allows companies to meet service levels, allows the recovery of any IT service, applications and data within minutes/seconds. With Veeam, backup is performed by Criticalcase.

NAKIVO is a software that guarantees the constant operativity of the entire virtual machine (disks and configuration files), during the duplication. It also allows incremental backup of the modified data only, speeding up copying times. It is a self-managed backup solution that allows the customer to set up the backup and recover their data independently.

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