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Technological innovation is revolutionizing the automotive market: the future of mobility is more and more connection-oriented, in all its forms (C.A.S.E. - connected, autonomous, shared, electric).

Criticalcase Automotive Solutions

Criticalcase supports its customers through the path of digital transformation by offering complete and customized solutions, oriented to the optimization and continuous improvement of the digital user experience and to the innovation by accelerating the time-to-market with high capacity cloud computing services.

Highly Qualified and Independent Consulting

Criticalcase designs and implements solutions designed ad hoc for the specific needs of the Automotive industry and thanks to many established partnerships with leading vendors in the world, it guarantees a highly qualified, agnostic and independent consulting service, in the sole interest of the customer, including migration plans to more effective solutions.

Global Control

Criticalcase gives global control to Automotive customers: from performance measurement to monitoring of all layers, from the source server to the real user experience, with a fully managed 24/7/365 service.

Criticalcase enables you to rapidly deploy solutions to reach global audiences and scale to meet every business need.

Focus Areas:

1. Acceleration via CDN, Multi CDN and fine tuning strategies
2. Anycast DNS strategies for improved performance, security and stability
3. Optimized digital content delivery on any device or channel
4. Web performance, scalability and peak management
5. Software monitoring of the entire infrastructure with AI to easily identify and resolve any issues regarding business performance or user experience.

6. Design, management and implementation of a scalable and flexible infrastructure
7. Consulting for IoT and connected car projects
8. Optimization and acceleration of connections with locations and branches to increase security and reliability according to the SASE model
9. Ability to identify the most advanced security threats, implementing cutting-edge solutions with 24x7x365 support

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