What is virtualization and why companies should use it?

Virtualization is the technological process to abstract physical units of servers (hardware) and provide them as virtual resources with the software.

It is a technology extensively experimented that’s changing the IT world, thanks to a lot of benefits in terms of cost reduction, resources optimization, performance increase and many more. Despite this technology has been on the market for several years, many companies are not using it.

Let’s see together the first 5 benefits of virtualization for business.

1. Cost reduction
This is probably the main benefit: thanks to virtualization it’s possible to limit the number of hardware resources, reducing significant operational and maintenance costs, as well as electricity and air conditioning usage.
Moreover virtualization reduces downtimes and ineffective use of CPU resources through the increase of servers efficiency, by ensuring the optimization of the entire IT environment.

2. Uptime increase
Virtual servers have many advanced features that physical ones don’t have which help to improve uptime and business continuity. One of the main reasons of the increase is the isolation of resources which work separately, so that a single unit issue don’t affect the operation of the other ones, by allowing a major uptime maintenance.

3. Faster provisioning
Virtualization makes available resources and applications much faster than a physical infrastructure and thanks to this technology the server is able to provide with a near instant-on capacity when a request comes down the chain.

4. Easier backup
Virtualization simplifies backup procedures and give the chance to do full backup and snapshot not only on virtual servers but also on virtual machines. Machines can be moved from one server to another and redeployed faster and easier. Moreover snapshots ensure more up-to-date data and, because these processes are even faster than booting a typical server, the number of downtime is dramatically reduced.

5. Clean up the environment
Virtualize resources implies an energy saving and less pollution in the air. The ecological aspect is a benefit that should not be underrated: it helps to safeguard the planet, that is crucial nowadays, and at the same time clean up the corporate image.

We described only a part of several benefits of this technology: discover the other top 5 benefits of virtualization in the second part of our article next week!

If you feel that your company would take a great advantage from adopting virtualization don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our experts will help you find the right solution for you.


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