The future of business is in the clouds: why companies are moving to cloud computing?

The term “cloud” is on everyone’s lips and the majority of businesses are moving to cloud computing technology. But do you know what are the real benefits of cloud? Why it is necessary moving to this new technology to keep updated?

Today’s article has the aim of highlighting the 5 main benefits of cloud computing for companies, independently from the business size or field.

1. Scalability
First of all, cloud application are highly scalable. That means you can add or remove resources or services according to your business requirements, in any moment. You don’t need to predict picks of user or client requests anymore, because you can just change the capabilities and the number of functions real time, right when you need it.

2. Optimization
Cloud computing simplifies a lot the business processes, guaranteeing more rapid operations and the optimization of procedures in general. Indeed, the cloud infrastructure is well-known for being more agile and performing compared to the traditional model: the benefit is given by the possibility of sharing data and application through the cloud, thus increasing the business productivity.

3. Flexibility
Another cloud computing’s benefit is the chance to offer highly flexible and tailored solutions, based on each client’s needs. Thanks to the variety of cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS etc.), companies can choose the perfect solution for their business requirements.

4. Focus on development and innovation
Cloud computing allows to waste less time and energy on IT management and to focus on business and innovative solutions development. Indeed, who manage the IT department need cloud application which work together in a uniform way, so that they can concentrate on what is more important: creating a competitive benefit for their companies.

5. Reduction of cost
In closing, the cloud enables to cut the IT infrastructure cost, especially for what refers to its maintenance and its management, and consequently cloud computing allows to reduce the expense related to the maintaining of IT specialists. It follows that with cloud you can get a more agile and performing infrastructure at a competitive price.

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