Most of the e-commerce websites use a Cloud solution. For what reason? It’s simple. The Cloud offers several benefits which fit into online sales business needs. For instance, the Cloud enables to manage peaks of traffic and assures a high availability of the service, as well as it provides a high data protection and other benefits. In addition, is possible to optimize the Cloud infrastructure according to the e-commerce platform used, ensuring performance you can’t get with traditional services. Let’s see together the main benefits of Cloud solutions for e-commerce websites.

What are Cloud benefits for ecommerce websites?


1. Reduction of costs
The Cloud allows to reduce costs and optimize them. You don’t need to make any initial investment, neither pay activation fees or purchase the whole infrastructure, as you need to do with a physical system. In addition, you can benefit of the a very convenient billing model called pay-per-use, according to which you pay only for the resources actually used, by reducing costs and avoiding waste.

2. Scalability
A huge benefit of Cloud solutions is scalability, that is the opportunity to increase or decrease infrastructural resources when you need it, in real time and without any downtime. This feature is very useful for e-commerce websites, because allows to absorb traffic peaks with no issues when you make marketing campaigns, special promotions, discounts.

3. Security
In the e-commerce field data protection is an essential component. Use the Cloud, and so keep data about customers and online sales in specialised data centers, is a safer solution compared to on-premise servers. Indeed, data centers respect a superior level of security and are equipped with advanced measures (control with authorized staff, remote monitoring solutions…). As well as data security, data center are provided with redundant supply systems that guarantee a high level of buildings security.

4. Multi-device support
Cloud makes data and files accessible from any kind of device, and you need only a simple internet connection to get them. This way the use of tools is drastically simplified, as well as the sharing of information.

5. Assistance
Last but not least, the assistance service. Thanks to the outsourcing of IT services to an external provider, you can delegate also the assistance to it with a managed service or a fully managed service, according to clients needs. A great benefit is represented by the possibility of benefit of expert staff and also to be free of focus on your core-business and on more strategic aspects.

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