What does it mean High-Availability infrastructure (HA)?

High-Availability is an essential characteristic for Cloud infrastructures and it indicates IT systems able to ensure performance and SLA next to 100% over time, thanks to the presence of completely redundant technological components.

In particular, High-Availability consists of different aspects:
– Fault-tolerance: it refers to the ability of a system of not suffering downtime even in case of failures.
– Warranty on service provided: services must be always available, also applies to systems breakdown.
– Data security: integrity of data contained in the infrastructure is ensured, and they must be reachable also in the case of malfunctions to people or processes.


High-Availability infrastructure means no single point of failure. Router, firewall, load balancer, reverse proxy and monitoring systems are fully redundant at network and application level, guaranteeing the best availability. Thanks to this kind of architecture are available different certificated services and a high-scalable infrastructure, able to offer any kind of bandwidth needed. Network traffic is constantly monitored and all the system components are connected to monitoring tools. In addition, the entire network infrastructure has several levels of defence: Dmz, Storage Network and Internal Network, separated and protected by a double firewall system.

With infrastructure virtualization and the guarantee given by HA, downtime are drastically reduced. This happens because failures to a single element don’t affect the functioning of the whole infrastructure: if a virtual node suffers a downtime, virtual machines will migrate on other nodes, assuring the continuity of service without interruptions.

Resuming, which are the benefits of High-Availability infrastructure?

1. Downtime reduction
2. Sla next to 100%
3. Continuity of service guaranteed
4. High-level performance
5. Secure data

Why do you need a HA infrastructure?

You need it if…

  • you have to deal daily with critical application management
  • you manage website with high traffic volumes
  • ¬†you can’t afford any downtime, never
  • interruptions of service are your worst nightmare
  • a part of your job is about assuring high-performance
  • simply, you want a good service, always available.

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