Why use Managed Services to support your business growth?

During the growth stages of any business there’s always a turning point when you need new technologies and processes to support best your company’s development. But which is the first sign of this need that most companies experience? Surely, a strong evidence it is the inability of in-hose IT team to keep pace with the business infrastructure changing. For that reason many firms rely on managed service providers to get a greater support to their business growth through the design of a custom IT solution.


How to find out if your business is ready to choose IT managed services?

Here’s 5 key signs that your business needs to partner with a managed service provider:

1. Downtime, downtime, downtime
The first sign that in-house team can’t manage efficiently the IT system anymore is the frequency of downtimes. They are very expensive in terms of revenues, damage the company reputation and compromise the future of a business. With a managed service provider that kind of thing can’t happen: an expert team would study the best IT strategy for each firm and outages would be drastically reduced.

2. Need a better cost savings
Relying constantly on the internal staff to manage the IT system can be very costly. Often in-house teams don’t have specific skills, experience or simply enough time to dedicate to the IT management, being pretty much focused on the core business growth. Instead, a vendor provides to its customers IT experts who know exactly what kind of infrastructure your business needs and also how to reduce implementation cost.

3. Understaffed teams
When the business is growing it’s difficult to balance hiring budgets among the departments. In situations like that, IT teams can become understaffed and can’t ensure a good work. This issue is easily solved by using a managed service provider which offers a dedicated IT team at lower cost compared to hiring new bodies. In addition, the technical staff provides a 24/7 technical support.

4. Need for more advanced technology and Cloud-based solutions
Outdated software and databases is the grim reality for many businesses. Upgrading to more advanced systems and Cloud solutions can be challenging, especially with understaffed teams. It’s here that managed service providers can help a lot, by ensuring the use of the latest technologies and updated infrastructures and letting the companies free to focus on their business.

5. Better system security
In today’s fast-changing digital landscape, the system security is more important that ever. A managed service provider can offer to firms a great benefit: IT professionals are well-prepared and know deeply the cybersecurity threats and the best security measures. They can help businesses to get a greater security of data and systems and also to implement disaster recovery solutions in case of possible outages or other accidents.

In conclusion, outsource your IT system can provide many benefits to your organization. Rely on managed service providers when early signs of inefficiency develop get significant cost savings and the support of IT experts ensures the best infrastructure management and the high-quality of service for years to come.

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