Technology is constantly evolving and firms need to keep pace with changes to survive on the market, day by day. Those challenges about the latest technology, add up significant costs for companies. Each new technology needs to be managed by specialised staff, which must be hired and then trained, as well as proper infrastructures and devices. Managed services can help a lot businesses, bringing several benefits in terms of cost optimization, improvement of processes, technical support and many more.

managed service benefits

Indeed, managed services offer an IT holistic approach and a high-level expertise which is difficult to achieve in-house. In the following lines we will see why you should use Managed Services for your business: we have identified 8 key advantages for companies who choose IT fully managed solutions.

1. High scalability
With the growth of your business you need greater technical support and proper IT solutions. The assistance must be able to keep pace with the development of your business and support it with effective processes and services. Managed services help you to get high scalable solutions and expert staff to go hand-in-hand with the company evolution. In addition, you can reduce resources when you don’t need them anymore and increase them when there are peaks of traffic, according to your requirements.

2. More time to focus on core business
With the outsourcing model, your team will be free to focus on core business, including innovative and strategic projects. At the same time, you can trust external provider’s technical professionals for temporary or less important projects and keep internal employees for priority tasks. Essentially, with managed services you can focus more on the growth and innovation of your business and don’t waste time on secondary activities.

3. IT streamlined processes
Managed service providers will supply to your company streamlined and effective processes, by helping you to save time. Any emerging issue will be solved immediately by the external IT staff, thanks to a technical team dedicated to your business. No more waiting, but fast processes and problems solved rapidly.

4. Reduction of labour costs
Another benefit of managed services is the reduction of labour costs. From one side you will not pay additional benefits to your employees. From the other side, you will save money on special training for your staff.

5. H24 support
With Managed services you will have h24 technical support, available every day of the year. That kind of assistance is impossible with an IT in-house department, while providers have the possibility of acting remotely in real time, in any moment and from anywhere.

6. Control and reduction of cost
IT vendors provide insights on possible issues which could hinder the efficiency of activities, giving you a greater control on business operations and helping you to optimize costs. In short, managed services allow you to minimize unexpected costs and reallocate budgets on whatever you think may need it.

7. High-level expertise
With IT outsourcing, you can benefit of high-level professionals with senior experience. You don’t have to choose the kind of employee to be hired, but you will have at your disposal specialist of any technology and level which could monitor the project according to your business needs.

8. Security and compliance increased
Make sure you are in compliance with regulations has its cost and it’s not so easy. Managed services ensure the respect of local laws and increase the level of security, by using specific tool and security controls. You should know that the loss of data by accident can compromise a company survival, as well as damage the business image and reputation. With the help of the IT provider you can protect corporate data and secure the entire information system easily.

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