In the last post we talked about Everything as a Service (XaaS), the new Cloud Computing model that is rapidly growing in the IT market as the solution able to really innovate and change businesses. We have already seen what is XaaS and which are its main features. Today we will talk about the reasons why companies should use a XaaS solution. Here’s all the benefits of Everything as a Service: for companies, for providers and for users.

Benefits of XaaS

1. Cost savings and optimization: cost savings on management of IT department, both for hardware and infrastructure and for software programs.

2. Access to top-level services: with XaaS solutions, firms of each size, even the smallest, can have the access to high-level services, otherwise too expensive.

3. Increase the agility of the system: with XaaS the implementation of new solutions become very fast and, by reducing backlogs, the agility of the information system increased. In that way it is possible to focus more on the business goals rather than on technical issues.

4. Maximise ROI: because of the cost savings and the greater efficiency of the system, companies can maximise ROI and get the best from their business.

5. Control: any element is constantly monitored, ensuring not only the reactivity with possible downtimes, but also a greater productivity thanks to the analysis of infrastructural trends.

6. Scalability and flexibility: every XaaS solution is provided according the the specific needs of each company and is able to adapt to the new business requirements, by increasing resources easily and quickly and supporting the firm’s growth by step by step.

7. Continuous technological updating: with XaaS solutions the updates of services become responsibility of providers and no more of users. In addition, the management of the life-cycle of software programs versions is more flexible thanks to the mismatch between the update level of the infrastructure and of the applications.

8. Innovate business: the use of the latest Cloud solutions makes the company more reactive towards changes and facilitate the business acceleration.

9. Mitigate the risk: the Everything as a Service ensures solutions 100% compliant with the market standards and the regulatory requirements.


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