How does a CDN work?

Have you ever seen the CDN acronym? Maybe yes, but you did not notice?

If the answer is yes, you are missing an extraordinary way to increase the visibility, performance and user experience of your website!

In the last post we told you the adventurous story of his founder and we have shortly seen how the basic Content Delivery Network system idea was born.

The acronym CDN means Content Delivery Network, and is composed by a network of servers connected via internet, which collaborate to quickly deliver contents to web users.

Contents are replicated on all the CDN machines to maximise performance and respond to requests as fast as possible. When a content is requested to the server, CDN uses the node physically closest to the visitor, in order to drastically reduce the response time and improve performance. In this way the user will always receive optimized contents rapidly.

CDN is particularly useful for website whose contents are distributed all around the world (or when the target is far from the server which host the site) and for websites that have to manage large amounts of traffic. Indeed, CDNs enable to optimize multimedia files size (images, video and audio) and avoid central servers overload.

Why the CDN is useful?

– To get more speed: faster web page loading and less latency

– To deliver a better user experience: users will find an excellent experience on your website, thanks to the better performance

– To rapidly distribute contents globally: greater performance and a high-level UX are crucial factors for website ranking. Faster and more engaging means a higher positioning in the web search engines results

– To increase data security: CDN plays an important role also for security, ensuring a better data protection

– To mitigate DDos attacks: servers are more protected against DDos attacks thanks to a constantly active monitoring system

CDN is able to improve many aspects of your website and, consequently, to increase its online visibility.

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