Cloud hosting service for the management software of the company and implementation of a SaaS solution for its customers.

Today’s case history is dedicated to a leading company in the Information Technology field, Dylog. Thanks to the ability of anticipate market demands, Dylog constitutes a solid reference point and a unique partner for thousands of societies and professionals, able to offer an added value to their job activities. More than 30 years of expertise, consolidated through state-of-the-art production criteria and technical know-how, enables the business to foothold the market in many sectors: from management software, to picture-processing, to access control, to x-ray quality control, where electronics and computer found their application at the highest technology levels.

Case History: Dylog
Case History: Dylog

Nowadays Dylog is the leader of a business group that generates a turnover of Euros 150 million in which find work 810 employees and that has more than 60k clients in Europe, confirming a constantly growing trend. Some numbers of Dylog: 9 offices in Italy, 810 operators, 700 technical-business partners, 60.000 installed applications.

  • The business needs of our client
    In particular, the client needed two kinds of services: the hosting for management software and relates ecommerce websites, and a support for a Software as a Service solution (SaaS) for its customers.
  • The challenge
    Dylog was in difficulty in identifying a good cloud partner, because the other providers’ offers didn’t fulfill its specific requirements, especially about technological and economic perspectives.
  • The solution
    Criticalcase found the solution to satisfy Dylog’s necessities, offering a hosting service and entrusting the complete management to the client, both at the infrastructural and administrative levels, so ensuring the optimization of IT costs.
    Besides, Criticalcase collaborated with Dylog providing help for the implementation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for several internal projects (ecommerce websites, management systems…), offering an infrastructure able to support the service, with the possibility of using a pay-as-you-go model to guarantee money savings.

Through a careful preliminary study, we built a tailored solution for the client, whose added value was not only about the consulting service but also related to administrative and management benefits, as well as the technical assistance by our specialists, always available to give support to the customer.

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