Complete management of FCA infrastructure for the advertising campaign during the Super Bowl of 2017, the most watched event worldwide with an audience of 2 million viewers.

Today we talk about one of the most significative collaborations in terms of management of critical cases and service continuity. We tell you about Wedoo srl, the web agency which have entrusted with the Alfa Romeo and FCA advertising campaign for the Super Bowl 2017.

Case History: Wedoo
Case History: Wedoo

Wedoo srl is a digital agency which operates in the web field from 1999 with headquarters in Turin and Birmingham (Uk), whose mission is to develop creative projects for Italian and International brands. The agency handles digital communication projects all-around and collaborate with many significant marks, including Lancia, Disaronno, Self, Iveco e Alfa Romeo, providing branding, advertising, marketing & strategy, learning, system integration, video & CGI solutions, and other services according to costumers specific requirements.

  • The business needs of our client
    Our client’s need was to manage in an efficient manner the traffic deriving from the advertising campaign of Alfa Romeo, went on air during the live television of USA event of Superbowl 2017. The commercial transmitted invited the public to connect to the website Alfaromeousa.com, to personalize and configure the new Alfa Romeo car. The web agency came to us for the design and the total management of the infrastructure, with the aim to avoid potential downtimes and handle the high-volume of users generated by an event that reaches about 200 million viewers worldwide every year.
  • The challenge
    Criticalcase took over the challenge enthusiastically, studying the best architecture to avoid possible downtimes that happen very easy with a so high volume of traffic (these numbers are generated by the most watched event of the year!) if you don’t enhance and monitore your infrastructure properly.
  • The solution
    To handle the task at best, our specialists have worked hard and have designed a tailored multi-datacenters infrastructure, able to support the peaks of traffic expected on Alfa Romeo website.

The multi-datacenters infrastructural model designed by Criticalcase supported totally the cross-media campaign of Wedoo and Alfa Romeo, ensuring high-levels of performance, scalability and availability. In particular, given the complex features requested by the real-time elaboration of images operated by the online configurator and the millions of accesses to the web site generated from the event, the amount of resources used was remarkable: 3 Terabytes of RAM, 200 Cpu e 60 Vps.

Handling the assignment described above was not easy, but our specialists work daily with passion and enthusiasm to assure the best performance and to design tailored solutions for each company that come to us.

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