Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop

Do you know the benefits of Cloud Desktop?

Last week we talked about the Cloud Desktop, also called Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and we saw what kind of solution is. In a few words, the Cloud Desktop is a technology that allows to access remotely to the desktop environment from any device or place, using the potential of virtualization.
But why is Cloud desktop so useful? What are its advantages? Does your business need it?
Today we are going to answer to all these questions and we’ll see all the specific advantages of Cloud Desktop’s usage in companies.

Here’s the main benefits of this virtualization solution:

– Mobility
The most important benefit is surely the possibility of access from anywhere and any kind of device. This means that will be easy and cushy working at home, during holiday, travelling or during business journeys. Not only, it’s useful also for business or clients meetings, by allowing a rapid access to all the information needed.

– Security
The Cloud desktop is a good solution also to protect data and information, always available that way. For instance, if a device is broken or lost, no data will be compromised. All the information is saved on the data center’s servers, ensuring a better security than a traditional desktop.

Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop

– Optimization
Desktop virtualization ensures another relevant benefit: the workstation environment’s optimization.
Do you have temporary collaborators or projects? After the initial configuration, you can create a new workspace easily, in few click, and save your time. Moreover, updates installation and maintenance are easier to manage and control.

– Just one system to troubleshoot
The Cloud Desktop is very useful for system administrators too. Problems can be solved from whithin the data center and there’s no need to run to the actual workstations anytime.lavoro.

Next time we will talk about Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC): stay tuned and keep update with cloud computing news!

Do you think that Cloud Desktop could be good for your business?
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