Cloud computing is a democratic technology that enhances companies from a technical and financial point of view. That makes it simple and fast and the advantages are numerous.

Companies that decide to exploit the potential offered by cloud computing are now aware that, thanks to remote delivery (online), it is possible to access unlimited hardware and software resources with highly scalable and customizable business models through Pay as you Go.

The choice of Cloud Computing

Migrating from a traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud involves a considerable saving on traditional costs coming from the creation, maintenance and daily management of physical infrastructure. The Cloud is the key that allows you to spend less and get more!

Now in each company, the idea and the concept of Public or Private and Hybrid Cloud has become more and more familiar and the use of Cloud Services with its acronyms, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Maas, Caas XaaS and, have increasingly increased. However, the path that leads a company to make the full transition from a physical infrastructure to the Cloud is an activity that bothers many. The Cloud hasn’t fully convinced some traditional companies which are tied to the obsolete concept of “iron”, to its concreteness and its security.

Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration

This is the reason why we find more and more business solutions created to ensure total safety and the success of the migration Cloud among the services offered by the cloud provider.

Migration Cloud for Business


Cloud migration must not only be seen as a service, but as an arterial connected to the future of a company, a fundamental step to ensure continuity of service and operational business processes. Above all it is vital in order to maintain the success of the online business in the present and to run it in future.

Specialists and migration engineers are capable of replicating any current corporate IT structure. They can optimise and lead the cloud migration of any infrastructure with confidence, with a precise and transparent plan. They deal with web hosting, CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, Joomla!), e-commerce applications (web-& Mobile aPPs), e-mail server and heterogeneous storage systems and databases,as well as Cloud migration, dedicated servers and complex physical or hybrid infrastructure.


Just a few days ago here in CriticalCase, I experienced a first direct “migration” of a dedicated server into the Cloud. I was impressed by the speed and technical ability that has accompanied the entire process of handling the transfer. Everything was made without any kind of service interruption. Unbelievable!

When words are not enough and the charm of Cloud technology still doesn’t transform doubts into certainties, numbers and facts take over illustrating the real benefits derived from the choice of a migration to Cloud.

ZERO INVESTMENT (to access the Cloud)::

  • No initial investment.
  • No purchasing or replacement of hardware is necessary.
  • You won’t be required to purchase software licenses.
  • No power supply expenses.
  • No fees for connectivity.
  • No cost of management and maintenance.
  • No IT staff training costs.
  • No extra costs for experts with H24 availability.
  • No fees for infrastructure (cooling, ventilation, etc) because the provider fully covers them.

NO TROUBLES (for Cloud Migration):

  • No service interruption.
  • No data loss risks.
  • Redundant backups.
  • Monitoring and reporting activities.
  • Possibility of using services for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Ready to Migrate to the Cloud

Do you want to migrate your hosting and server environment or your own dedicated infrastructure to the Cloud, but you do not know how to proceed or are you afraid of losing your data?

Thanks to the competence and expertise of CriticalCase technicians and systems engineers you will receive help with your server migration, hosting, vps, databases, mail servers, dedicated servers and physical infrastructure. With a clear and reliable planning, we offer Cloud migration services without the risks of service disruption or data loss.

Fill out the form you find below to be immediately contacted by one of our representatives. We will provide you the best migration solution for every service you may ask for.

For further information please check the services and solutions offered by CriticalCase or fill out our form. This way you will be in touch with one of our experts, without any commitment.

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