Let’s move from the bottom layer of Cloud Computing to the middle layer. It is here that we find PaaS or Platform as a Service.

Cloud Computing Services: PaaS

Cloud Computing PaaS – Platform as a Service

PaaS Platform as a service is a category of cloud computing services that provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining an infrastructure typically associated with it. We are therefore moving from the infrastructure level up to the development level. This layer is designed and thought for developers to help them develop and test apps without having to worry about the underlying levels. Developers don’t want to deal with provisioning servers, storage and backup. They want to write code and be able to make changes to it. All the back-end work about setting up servers should be done automatically and transparently in the background, and that’s exactly what Platform as a service (PaaS) aims to do.

platform as a service paas
platform as a service paas

Think about IaaS as the layer thought for System Administrators, while PaaS is the one thought for Developers. PaaS works on top of IaaS and will do all of the infrastructure configuration automatically. PaaS thus has all the features of a IaaS system, but in addition it adds a layer able to auto-configure the IaaS layer.

Let’s focus once again on what the provider is supposed to do. In a PaaS environment, the service provider not only is responsible for provisioning and managing the lower level infrastructure resources, but also for providing a fully managed application development and deployment platform. PaaS provides the developers with the appropriate flavours of operating systems, databases, middleware, software tools and managed services, usually in a multi-tenant environment. The biggest added value of PaaS is that developers are completely abstracted from the lower-level details of the environment, so they can fully focus on writing code without having to worry about scalability, security and availability.

PaaS helps businesses to minimise operational costs and increase productivity through a quicker time to market. There is tremendous cost and time savings with a PaaS approach, and with the right strategy, PaaS can be a real game changer.

How do you find out if PaaS is the right solution for your business? If the answer of one or more of the following question is yes, then you are probably a valid candidate to a PaaS solution.

  • Is your organization paying a lot in IT maintenance and software licensing?
  • Is your organization losing ground because it can’t new types of products or services out the door fast enough?
  • Is the IT department simply the “managers of things” instead of being focused on the services they are delivering?
  • Is it difficult to introduce new technologies in your IT department?
  • Is your IT department mainly focused on the development side rather than on the infrastructure side?

Hardware and software licenses are required for in-house platforms and these cost, need updates and refresh every couple of years. Whereas PaaS subscriptions can be tied to actual functioning projects or requirements and there are no hardware costs. Launching new initiatives is often subject to a long process of approvals and PaaS-based services provide a shortcut to quickly get the tools and infrastructure elements needed to make innovation happen. By moving to PaaS-based services, IT managers can focus more on improving, rather than worrying about hardware and software patches.

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