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The business philosophy of CriticalCase mainly focuses on consulting services offered by veterans and experts on this sector thanks to the excellence of its structures. The unstoppable growth of the web and the continuous update of technology requested for a rapid evolution make the infrastructure renewal process a necessary step for any IT Company. And that is what drives us toward continuous improvement, we keep searching solutions and hardwares that maintain our structures at the highest level ever.

Storage HPE 3PAR Full SSD

Today we are delighted to introduce our new “HPE 3PAR Full SSD”, a high-level storage system, which redefines the agility and efficiency standards. It is ideal to support critical applications and Datacenter services or Cloud services (Cloud as a Service ). Our “green” storage system is able to render the infrastructure and data centers management more efficient with significant savings in terms of energy consumption. This will complement and enrich the EqualLogic and Compellent hardwares currently available in the core of our storage architectures – present through 6 European Data Centers.
The modern HPE 3PAR is the future of storage system. It can satisfy any demand, without compromises. That is to say the perfect combination of high scalability and high performance with an efficiency which is generally superior to other models of the same band.

The main features and benefits

Some of the functions of the 3PAR HPE and its advantages:

  • Cluster Architecture: it allows you to provide scalable services on highly reliable conditions.
  • Full Flash SSD: it fully satisfies high performance requests (IOPS).
  • Thin Provisioning: it allows the use of advanced technology based on hardwares.
  • Support on mixed workloads: they constantly ensure a high performance.
  • Support for converged blocks: they enable file serving and automatic configuration, reparations and simplified management.
  • Dynamic Caching designed for flash.
  • Multi-tenancy Security features.
hpe 3par
hpe 3par

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