Kubernetes, as we explained in the last post, is a container orchestration tool able to simplify the management of containers and, simultaneously, to make it more efficient. In today’s article we will see which are the specific features and benefits of this tool.

The main aim of Kubernetes, as the other orchestration systems, is to simplify the work of technical teams, by automating many processes of applications and services deployment that before were carried out manually. In particular, now we’ll show you Kubernetes features that improve IT field’s work and the benefits for companies who decide to use it.

Features of Kubernetes:

  • Automates various manual processes: for instance, Kubernetes will control for you which server will host the container, how it will be launched etc.
  • Interacts with several groups of containers: Kubernetes is able to manage more cluster at the same time
  • Provides additional services: as well as the management of containers, Kubernetes offers security, networking and storage services
  • Self-monitoring: Kubernetes checks constantly the health of nodes and containers
  • Horizontal scaling: Kubernetes allows you scaling resources not only vertically but also horizontally, easily and quickly
  • Storage orchestration: Kubernetes mounts and add storage system of your choice to run apps
  •  Automates rollouts and rollbacks: if after a change to your application something goes wrong, Kubernetes will rollback for you
  •  Container balancing: Kubernetes always knows where to place containers, by calculating the “best location” for them
  •  Run everywhere: Kubernetes is an open source tool and gives you the freedom to take advantage of on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructure, letting you move workloads to anywhere you want


Benefits of Kubernetes for companies:

  • Control and automate deployments and updates
  • Save money by optimizing infrastructural resources thanks to the more efficient use of hardware
  • Orchestrate containers on multiple hosts
  •  Solve many common problems deriving by the proliferation of containers by organizing them in “pods” (see the last post!)
  •  Scale resources and applications in real time
  •  Test and autocorrection of applications

Kubernetes has many benefits…are you still not convinced? Talk to our experts and find the best solution for your business!

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