Why choose Magento?

Magento is one of most widely used CMS in the world to develop ecommerce websites. It is a reliable and secure platform filled with several advanced functionalities, the ideal solution for large e-commerce sites. Thanks to specific features, which include SEO optimization and advanced marketing tools, you can get the maximum from your e-commerce. Magento also has functions that allows you to internationalize your offer, with the multilingual support and the real time currencies management, as well as the possibility of managing more shops using a unique interface. It is a powerful and highly flexible tool, capable to grow your business ensuring top level performance, that are not guaranteed by other CMS on the market. For structured e-commerce projects Magento is definitively the best choice.

magento 2.2.2.

With Magento 2 have already been addressed important simplifications to the Content Management System dedicated to e-commerce websites. The next release, Magento 2.2 further improved the platform, with some crucial elements for B2B e-commerce: support for business accounts, customized catalogues management and different payments for account. In addition, the speed processes increased and they are made more secure, with the integration of an anti-fraud protection.

News of Magento 2.2.2

Now let’s talk about the last release: Magento 2.2.2. This solution brings further simplifications to manage the platform, but even interesting features to increase online sales. The main news are about e-mail marketing automation, advanced reports, fast purchase and shipping.

  •  E-mail marketing automation
    The new version of Magento includes an automation platform for e-mail marketing. Dotmailer allows you to plan and create e-mail marketing campaigns easily and quickly and optimize them through users segmentation and profiling. It supports not only the e-mail channel, but even automated text messages and push campaigns. Thanks to very flexible tools, Dotmailer is able to simplify marketing techniques and create intelligent automated campaign to optimize e-commerce revenues.
  • Advanced reports
    Magento 2.2.2 adds to the platform Magento Business Intelligence, a new system of advanced reports, a precious tool to operate with more efficiency. From the web interface you can visualize detailed reports about orders (number of orders, reviews…), customers (number of customers, registered accounts…) and products (amount, best-seller products…) through user-friendly dashboard. Indeed, data make the difference in online sales: reports enable to get insights about some business aspects and make careful analysis on the shop evolution, by improving the decision-making.
  • Fast purchase
    After Amazon, finally also Magento allows you to complete a purchase with a simple click. Research shows that the fast purchase reduce the time needed to make an order by 90%. This tool is crucial for sales because it helps to carry out impulsive purchases and it is ideal for mobile devices. In the last version of Magento is possible to make fast purchase because of the shipping information and payments credentials storage.
  • Magento shipping
    With the new release the advanced shipping management is available. The shipping process can be completely managed from the platform without using other extensions, from the configuration to the order. Besides, you can make multiple shipping and there is a faster access to couriers, with the aim of improving the customers experience.

To conclude, the last version of Magento has everything you need to increase your e-commerce sales.

If you have an e-commerce, you cannot overlook the infrastructure aspect: an optimized hosting for Magento can give excellent results in terms of website performance and ROI.

Our tailored Cloud solutions for e-commerce websites are available for any platform, including Magento 2.2.2. Request a free consulting with our Magento experts!

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