Finding the cloud hosting solution or the cloud server that best fits our online business needs isn’t only about numbers and resources.

Surely Ram, Cpu and storage are fundamental aspects of a performant infrastructure able to meet our requests but what actually would represent a real plus is undoubtedly the choice between the type of management of your services, let me say, when it comes to choose between managed on non managed!

Managed or Unmanaged

Your hosting provider basically would give you two options: Unmanaged (or Self-provisioning) solution where you are in charge of managing autonomously your services or you can choose a Fully managed solution where your online business is always cheered by expert hands, you can enjoy a dedicated technical support and your structures are monitored 24/24 everyday of the year.

Both solutions offer pros and cons. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages and choosing one of them may be complex. Anyway, thanks to some simple considerations we can help you determining which choice would be the best for your business.

Managed server
Managed server

The questions

Before choosing between unmanaged or managed services you basically have to ask yourself these questions:

  • What does my online business need?
  • Does my budget allow me to create an infrastructure with an advanced hardware and have experts technicians to help me?
  • Are my competencies and abilities able to guarantee a safe and performant management?
  • Have I got an IT infrastructure which is dedicated and able to be present uniquely for the management of the whole system?
  • What are the future objectives and the potential growth of my business online?

Now, after answering these questions, you need to observe the two options “Managed” and “Unmanaged” and analyze them very carefully to figure out what business form is the most appropriate.

Managed Services

Let’s see what a Fully Managed service offers:

  • High availability services, monitoring, assistance and 24/h support.
  • The power of the Cloud without stress, expenses and time needed in case of a self management.
  • The creation of an infrastructure that is perfectly made for the way you do business online.
  • Increased productivity and transparency of the IT department.
  • Infrastructure optimization and its rapid innovation.
  • Full control of your online business without the concern related to the update and security.

Moreover it provides the management and the support of experts and Cloud specialists, dedicate assistance and 24x7x365 monitoring with alerting and reporting, modular approach and highly scalable and adaptable levels of assistance in terms of support and SLA.

Which type of business may need unmanaged or managed solutions?

Autonomous management solution (Unmanaged) is the best choice for companies that:

  • Have an existing internal and dedicated IT team.
  • Want to keep their administrative access and control their architectures.
  • Do not need any support and assistance H24.
  • Can invest on acquisition, management and renewal of expensive hardware and machines.
  • Possess the necessary experience to deal with configuration issues and tuning.

The management of the Cloud services in “Fully Managed Mode” is ideal for a form of business that:

  • Has no deep technical know-how.
  • Needs a full support thanks to a safe and skilled guidance.
  • Has not got an internal solid IT department, which moreover has to be dedicated and capable.
  • Needs dedicated assistance and monitoring on 24x7x365 basis.
  • Needs to create a customized and unique infrastructure that is perfectly suited to particular features.

The economic aspect

A final consideration is the economic aspect. Talking money, the discrepancy between managed and unmanaged services is significant, however, in contrast to what you may believe, the independent operating mode “Unmanaged”, with its initial investment of hardware and specialized people, is by far the most expensive.

We strongly believe that the Fully Managed services represent the ideal solution for companies that made online business to be their primary source of revenue. It represents, as a matter of facts, the solution that can Be adapted to the budget and the level of support and SLA required by your business, with huge economic and technological benefits. That is to enable companies to have easy and immediate access to the latest hardware technologies, safety and experience of specialists in the field, without the expensive investments that an independent management involves.

CriticalCase has been offering hosting and server management services with “Managed” and “Fully Managed” for more than 16 years now. Find out all the all management services or fill out our form in order to discuss about your business needs with one of our experts.

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