A short explanation of Multi CDN

CDNs use servers located in different places all around the world, which host our website’s contents (images, video…). By hosting these contents in locations closer to users, CDNs reduce the distance between end users and servers, so digital contents travel much faster. This is why CDNs are a very unique tool able to improve the entire technological structure of a business.

Among benefits of multi CDN there are the reduction of page load time, a safer network, efficiently handled traffic and the maximum availability of websites.


Each provider of CDN has its PoPs (Points of Presence) in different zones of the world. The quality of the user experience depends even on the proximity of these PoPs, so you need a service provider with servers geographically located close to your target. The use of multi CDN is considered a better solution compared to the implementation of a single one, because it removes completely the risk of downtime.

Why use a multi CDN solution?

Internet is not a safe place for enterprises: DDoS attacks, data breaches, spams and frauds are only some of the constantly present online threats. Besides, the market is saturated, and to keep your business competitive you need to deliver high-quality contents as quickly as possible. For companies, especially those that manage huge amounts of traffic, is only a multi CDN solution that can assure the 100% availability of their website. Enterprises as media streaming service providers or social network platforms, as we saw in the last post, cannot simple use a single CDN if they don’t want to compromise their business. Giants like Apple and Netflix regularly use 2, 3 or 4 CDNs.

That is exactly why the adoption of multi CDN solutions daily increased. According to some recent researches, the CDN market will reach 21,6 billion of dollars by 2019 and in 2014 it value was only of 3,71 billions. This means that the need of deliver quick contents, especially video and images, is drastically growing, so firms need to be prepared to respond to consumers expectations in the best way they can.

In the next article we will explain in details the difference between multi and single CDN solutions, stay tuned!

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