Do you have a Qnap/Synology NAS? Now you can keep your data safe in our data centers!

The security of business data is a priority for any business because it can literally save your business. Think about all your customers files in your database or CRM: what would happen if you lost them? Causes are many and different, it could be a malware, an accident, a human error: data loss can happen in any moment and it is more common than you expect. That is why is essential to keep safe the data of your NAS and you should do it right now. We have the best solution for your problems: the new Cloud NAS backup service. Let’s see together how it work and which are the benefits of NAS backup for your business.

Which companies is NAS backup service for?

Are you a System Integrator, a Web Agency or a Software House?
The new Cloud NAS backup service is designed for you and your customers!
The benefits for your business are:
– Easy management of backup system
– Customers loyalty
– Increase of revenues
But not just that…let’s see all the advantages of our new Cloud backup solution.

cloud backup

Benefits of our Cloud NAS backup service

  • Central management console
    The new QNAP/Synology NAS backup service provides a central web console to manage the service. The platform allows you to perform rapidly all the management operations like the planning of backups, the change of parameters of job backups, the remote activation of backup an many more features. In addition, it enables to check your backup anytime also via smartphone, thanks to a specific app for iOS and Android mobile systems.
  • Independent management
    NAS backup allows you to manage resources autonomously. Once you’ve purchase the storage, you can assign it as you please and distribute resources available according to your needs. You can also make an upgrade whenever you need it without issues.
  • Simple and fast
    NAS QNAP/Synology backup solution is the best on the market and it ensures the complete security of business data. The configuration of service is very simple and user-friendly, and in a few steps you can begin to back up your data.
  • Multi-destination backup
    Data can be backed up to multiple destinations. In this way you minimize the risk of data loss.
  • Unhackable encryption
    The backup service uses a specific encryption to make files unreadable and unhackable in order to protect data from any possible cyber-attack.

What are you waiting for? Find out all our backup solutions and reserve your free consulting now!

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