What is SASE Architecture & Use Cases

Companies are digitizing, which means the time has come to think about managing optimized access to data and applications, both on-premise and in the cloud, and the increasingly mobile global workforce.

Criticalcase has chosen to partner with Cato Networks because it is the first implementation of Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework that has identified in a global and cloud-native architecture the way to provide secure and optimized access to all users and applications.

The Cato solution enables companies to move from traditional networks such as MPLS to global, secure, agile and affordable modern networks.

Cato Cloud connects all corporate network resources, such as branch offices, mobile workforce, on-premise datacenter and cloud services, providing a global, secure and controlled SD-WAN service. With all the traffic WAN and Internet consolidated in the cloud, Cato offers a suite of security services to protect all the traffic.


Migration from MPLS networks to SD-WAN

  • Migration from MPLS networks to SD-WAN
  • MPLS networks are expensive, inflexible and limited in capacity. Using Cato Edge SD-WAN, businesses increase usable capacity and improve resiliency at a lower cost per megabit. Companies with a global footprint are leveraging Cato’s private global network backbone to replace the global MPLS network and the unpredictable Internet. Migrating to SD-WAN allows you to optimize performance and maximize the throughput of on-premise and cloud resources.


Optimized global connectivity

  • We offer a private global backbone with an integrated WAN network to ensure a predictable, SLA-guaranteed, high-performance network experience everywhere. Using Cato we can offer an excellent user experience for accessing on-premise and cloud applications.


Secure Internet access at branches

  • We provide a complete network security stack built into Cato Cloud. By connecting all offices to the private global network backbone through the Cato Edge SD-WAN platform, all traffic, both Internet and WAN, is fully protected by Cato Security as a Service, thus eliminating the cost and complexity of specific solutions security, appliance or cloud services.


Cloud acceleration and control

  • We accelerate access to the cloud by routing all cloud traffic to the Cato PoP closest to the cloud destination. Since Cato’s PoPs share the footprint of the data centers of major cloud providers, the latency between Cato and these providers is essentially zero. Optimizing cloud access only requires a single application-level rule that determines where cloud application traffic should leave the Cato Cloud. Enough of the hassle and cost of deploying cloud appliances or creating regional communication hubs in an effort to extend the SD-WAN to the cloud.


Mobile network security and optimization

  • Cato’s global network and security capabilities extend to a single mobile user’s laptop, smartphone or tablet. Using a Cato Client or clientless browser access, users dynamically connect to the nearest Cato PoP and their traffic is optimally routed over Cato’s private global network backbone to on-premise or cloud applications. Cato’s Security as a Service protects mobile users from threats anywhere in the world and enforces access control to applications.


Work from home

  • Cato supports work from home for all employees, always. Companies quickly connect their on-premise and cloud data centers to the Cato Cloud and enable self-service provisioning of Cato Clients to all users who require access for work from home or remotely. Unlike traditional VPN and SDP products that are not adaptable to support the entire enterprise, Cato’s global and cloud-scale platform is designed to optimize traffic to all applications with a private global backbone, continuously inspect traffic for threats and perform access control with Cato’s security stack.
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