Companies all around the world are becoming progressively digital.  The rapid Digital Transformation is driven by increased home working requests, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives, IoT and mobility projectsEnterprises have a never seen before need to manage company data in a secure and fast way, delivering the data all around the globe. 

Considering strictly the IT viewpointdigital transformation depends on optimized access to the company’s applications and data by the users, that are distributed all around the globe and are today, more than everfirst of all mobile users 

Cloud Native SD-WAN

When we talk about Digital Businesswe talk about a specific Cloud first focus companies adopt in order to gain agility and speed, which is rarely compatible with unflexible and rigid approaches like MPLS and legacy WAN solutions that are getting abandoned by almost every company because of the lack of readiness and very high costs.  

The consumption of resources and applications is continuously growing in branch offices and it is one of the reasons why centralized traffic management, from headquarter datacenter, is resulting in slow services and bad performance. 


Why should you abandon the traditional MPLS?

MPLS Network

  • MPLS network is expensive and has a high cost per bitit is rigid and stiff to modify and most importantly it was not perceived for the modern Cloud environments 
  • The “trombone” effect: fast and secure Internet access is essential for any business, but MPLS, on the contrary, centralizes the backhaul traffic through only one main access with a big performance impact 
  • MPLS is limited to physical locationstherefore mobile users and cloud resources are not getting priority and are not of importance 
  • Long provisioning time (weeks or even months 


Replacement of MPLS and Legacy WAN architectures is an opportunity to connect all the remote offices faster and cheaper and assure much better application performance

Implementation of modern networking solutions is a sole way to assure a rapid and frictionless digital transformation and connect any user and any resource from any part of the world.  

Cloud Native SD-WAN

What is the best solution for your network transformation needs

SD-WAN Network

Cloud Native SD-WAN is a software based approach to the enterprise network. Adoption of an SD-WAN allows to significantly lower the costs that depend on MPLS transfer, 4G/5G, LTE, and most importantly it improves application performance and increases the agility 

Enterprise architects and network experts are able to use efficiently the bandwidth once the SD-WAN has been implemented and to assure high performance for all the applicationsincluding the missioncritical ones, without worrying about IT security. 


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SD-WAN solutions are very requested because of the numerous advantages they bring, especially when Cloud-based.

Critical case has chosen Cloud Native SD-WAN solutions by CatoNetworksto help enterprises with network transformation projects. Criticalcase has the strong engineering expertise to assure the maximum performance, lower the costs and management complexity of an enterprise network.

SD-WAN Cloud

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