Recent studies say that by 2020 there will be over 30 billions of IoT connected devices. The popularity of Internet of Things keeps growing in all the industries, and it is interesting to know what are the trends of the field, especially to understand in which way they may affect businesses. We identified in particular 6 trends, for us the most relevant to keep in mind. Here they are:

1. IoT is growing fast, especially in healthcare and retail
As we just say, the entire field is growing fast and it can be highlighted in many different industries. The peak is especially in Healthcare and Retail sectors, where there is already a greater use of smart systems. These devices are used by companies for different purposes; in retail, IoT systems help brands to improve the relationships with their customers, for instance, by customizing the purchase experience and automating check-outs, and they are very useful also to support employees to reduce the inventory’s mistakes and in the supply chain management.


2. Smart home systems
From now on, home automation systems and various smart devices will become increasingly common. Don’t be surprised if at dinner at some friends’ house they grill the chicken using the smartphone or turn off the light through voice command: IoT device will be very common. By 2020 is estimated that the IoT household appliance sector will duplicate its value compared to 2014.

3. Security at risk
With the growth of IoT increase also the risks connected. Since 2017 hacking attacks to IoT devices have exploded, exceeding by 600% the cyber-attacks of last year. Indeed, many times companies aim for the development of innovative features and underestimate security concerns. IoT devices are not equipped with all the security measures of a traditional personal computer, but soon it will change to ensure a greater security.

4. Mobile, mobile, mobile
Increased use of mobile devices affects also IoT industry. If first devices were designed with a desktop perspective, now they are conceived respecting the rule of mobile-first, and so they become increasingly mobile-friendly. Consumers’ behaviour is changing, and clients expect IoT integrated experiences from their favourite brands, for instance in-store customized discounts. In a scenario where Internet of Things will be very popular, it’s good to be sure that your own business is able to offer IoT solutions to its public.

5. Growth of Edge computing
The growing popularity of IoT systems is also related with a greater need to manage a large amount of data generated by the connected devices (sensors, webcams, embedded devices etc.) and with the requirement of elaborate these data in a place physically close to the device. From here, the increased use of one of the latest technology on the market called Edge computing, able to exploit computing resources locally and elaborate data right on the field, unlike Cloud computing, where that elaboration is made remotely in the providers’ data centers.

6. IoT marketing tools
Marketing is one of the field which use most the benefits of IoT. Many companies have already adopted IoT tools in their promotional campaigns and other are starting to do it now. Beyond marketing campaigns, IoT can be used by marketers also to create innovative products and improve the customer journey.

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