With Jelastic time-to-cloud is measured in hours, not days!

The platform supports most of the programming languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, Python application servers, SQL and NoSQL databases and other software stacks, as well as Docker containers – Jelastic cloud has everything it needs to deliver the full stack for rapid installation.

The platform provides a very easy horizontal scaling creating rapidly new units and as well a vertical scaling adding speedily the necessary resources of your applications.

Criticalcase’s Jelastic Cloud allows developers to specify the maximum limit of resources (RAM and CPU), distribute the traffic evenly between multiple servers and server farms in Italy and across Europe in its datacenters.

There is no longer need to be a network architect or an experienced system administrator, Jelastic Cloud provides a user-friendly graphic interface to easily manage everything from a single dashboard. It is both powerful and particularly useful for the developers with drag-n-drop autonomous management.

It’s the only platform that you can start using right away, there are no complex APIs for you to code and you can make run microservice and legacy applications in Criticalcase Jelastic Cloud with no changes to the code.

Criticalcase’s Jelastic cloud infrastructure is based on 7 datacenters across Europe with no single point of failure, all completely redundant and connected with fiber channel allowing to have very low latency (Turin and Milan under 4 ms!).

The containers are isolated, load balancer is automatic, and we enable database replication to ensure the highest possible availability with 99,998% SLA guaranteed.

Jelastic is one of the most interesting Cloud software solutions present on the market today, the reason it has become so popular is because it simplifies complex cloud deployments by automating the creation, scaling, clustering and security updates of microservices or monolithic applications.

Jelastic Cloud by Criticalcase perfectly suites developers and Enterprises that want to focus on the development, pay attention only to the application layer and do not worry about the network and infrastructure layers below.

The top 5 advantages Jelastic Cloud brings:

  • Fast Deployment
  • Easy Scaling
  • Simple Management
  • No Code Changes
  • Enterprise Class Infrastructure

Jelastic Cloud is a robust solution for the enterprises and developers, it combines the advantages of PaaS services and those of CaaS (Container as a Service) in a single platform hosted in Criticalcase datacenters.

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