Magento Hosting

Magento Hosting

Why choose an optimized Magento hosting instead of a traditional web hosting service?

Easy, because a tailored Magento hosting makes the difference in online sales. How it works?
Magento is the most used e-commerce platform in the world, but it is also the most complex and structured one. For this reason it needs an optimized hosting capable to use at best its full potential, a tailored hosting able to ensure high-level performance, to make your shop 100% fast, secure and reliable.

Let’s see now the 5 reasons why you can’t afford not to use an optimized Magento hosting to improve your online sales.

1) Fast page load
The optimized hosting is able to make your Magento site faster than a traditional hosting. The main reason of the cart abandonment and of the loss of potential consumers is a slow page load of the product catalogue. Instead, with hosting Magento, users can rapidly complete the purchase process without waiting too much the pages load, then they will be satisfied of their user experience and would come back soon on your website!

2) Superior performance
Thanks to the hosting optimization on Magento specific features, the performance reach the maximum level in the market, by guaranteeing an easy, fast and reactive functioning. The infrastructure fits perfectly on the platform and, as a tailored suit, ensures excellent performance.

3) Search engine positioning
Speed, high performance and optimization influence significantly on your Magento site’s search engine positioning, ensuring a better ranking on the organic SERP. This is a basic point: having a good e-commerce is pointless if nobody can find it!

4) Security
How important is the security for e-commerce websites? It’s essential. With a quality hosting will be easier to ensure your website safety, thanks to the continuous monitoring service and to the always up-to-date modules, consequently more secure.

5) Reliability
Last but not least: a Magento hosting reduces drastically downtimes and makes your e-shop more reliable and always available, also in the case of a large and unexpected number of visitors.

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