Traditional data centers have progressively evolved into Virtual Data Centers (VDC). That means that, as well as physical equipment, these buildings host also several virtual machines. Virtualization of physical servers can bring a lot of benefits to companies, and it allows Virtual Data Centers to provide flexible and scalable solutions, with high-availability and customization, according to single business needs.

What are Virtual Data Center benefits?

1. Reduction of costs
Because of virtualization you can cut down management costs, economising on technical staff payments. In addition, costs about purchase, maintenance and replacement of IT hardware, known to be very expensive, are drastically reduced.


2. Simplified management
The use of virtualized servers simplifies the infrastructure management, by allowing you to administrate the machines remotely, easily and in real time.

3. Optimization of resources
Another benefits is given by the opportunity of optimizing resources, both at hardware and virtual level, and make the system more flexible and performing.

4. Pay-per-use model
With virtualization you can use the pay-per-use model, which enables to pay only for resources actually used. This way the customer removes waste and saves money.

5. Lower consumption
Hardware resources require a lot of energy, even if currently unused. Virtualization reduces consumption, limiting the data center’s environmental impact and feed cost.

6. Security of facilities and data
Relying on a specialized facility you can benefit of a high-level of systems security and advanced data protection, which cannot be absolutely compared with on-premise technology’s safety. For instance, for anything related to the implementation of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity systems.

7. High efficiency
Virtual machines makes the IT infrastructure more agile and increase their operational efficiency.

8. Integration with managed services
What is one of the advantages of rely on an external provider? The chance to give your IT services management to a team of experts and focus on your core business, with total peace of mind.

9. The latest technology
Technology changes rapidly and keep up to date can be very expensive for companies. Virtual Data Centers make at customers disposal the best technology available on the market at lower cost.

10. Availability and scalability
Virtual machines enable high scalability of resources and are characterized by a superior availability compared to physical equipment.

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