Why Kubify is a unique and innovative web hosting solution on the market?

Any online project needs a web hosting of high-quality which is able to support the business growth at best. Today we will talk about Kubify, our advanced web hosting solution, designed specifically to get the best performance and availability to enterprises digital projects. In this post we want to show you why Kubify is a one of a kind, and which are its differences with classic web hosting services.

Kubify vs traditional web hosting services

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Kubernetes Containers
Kubify is based on Kubernetes Containers. Nowadays containers are the most advanced Cloud technology available on the market and Kubernetes is definitively the leading player when it comes to enterprise infrastructures. Kubernetes containers offer the best availability of service, high-flexibility and modularity, as well as great performance.

Platform as a Service(PaaS)
Ideal for developers, PaaS just takes all that worry about infrastructural system away. Kubify offers an all-inclusive platform able to ensure the highest productivity of the system, on which you can develop your applications easily without damaging downtimes.

Multi-datacenter & Hybrid solution
Kubify has the particularity of being a multi-datacenter and hybrid solution. That means firstly that the availability of service is ensured at maximum levels because of the implementation on multiple data centers. Besides, it’s a hybrid solution, so it offers additional benefits compared to traditional hosting services, because it combines the advantages of both private and public Cloud.

High-availability and scalability
Kubify uses the efficiency of Azure storage together with the high-scalability provided by our Data Center to ensure SLA next to 100%.

“Turn-key” service
Kubify is a fully managed web hosting service, delivered ready-to-use to customers.

But not only that! Here we’ve just mentioned some interesting and innovative features of Kubify, but it has many other benefits. Kubify includes a wide range of additional free services like GIT and staging environments, daily backups, H24 technical support and many more.

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