Cloud hosting: meaning and features

Cloud hosting is a service which ensures the permanence of your website online and all the resources related to space and traffic needed to manage at best your business on the web (CPU, RAM,storage etc.). Unlike the other services, it’s not physical but virtual. That means that Cloud hosting uses Cloud resources to guarantee the maximum availability, better performance and high-scalability. Cloud hosting service is based on virtualization systems designed for websites and internet services which request flexibility and high-performance.

cloud hosting

Cloud hosting features are suitable to any kind of business and to its particular needs in terms of online traffic. All Cloud hosting solutions are high-scalable and able to support the growth of your web project step by step, by assuring high-availability and customized SLA based on performance.

Which are the key benefits of Cloud hosting?

  • High-availability
  • Top performances
  • High-scalability
  • Pay-per use model
  • Customized SLA

Cloud hosting can be activated with the Fully Managed option, which means that the hosting service management is handled by Cloud provider’s specialists. Fully managed Cloud hosting service is beneficial for many reasons. For instance, it represents the ideal solution for firms which have no time to run the management, or for organizations that has no employees with proper IT skills to administrate the service correctly. Thanks to a dedicated team of experts, you won’t have to worry about IT management anymore, removing stress, expenses and time needed to manage it autonomously.

Cloud hosting Kubify with Kubernetes containers

Kubify is the only solution of fully managed Cloud hosting in Italy using Kubernetes containers, and able to ensure maximum performances, scalability and security. Something new is that Kubify is a multidatacenter and hybrid hosting solution, which takes advantages of the availability of Azure storage and of our Data Centers computing power and scalability to ensure unparalleled performances. Cloud hosting Kubify is a Fully Managed “turn-key” service. You don’t need to worry about the infrastructure technical management anymore, but you can develop easily your applications on an all-inclusive platform capable to ensure the highest availability of the service and achieve top-level performance. Besides, Kubify includes a series of additional free services in the hosting offer, such as hourly backups, synthetic monitoring, development and testing environments and more, as well as h24 technical suppor, like all our Cloud services.

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