Large provider vs small & medium provider: does bigger mean better?

We don’t think that at all, and in this article we will explain you why choose a small company could be turn into a great benefit!

In the last posts we talked about virtualization and cloud computing, technological techniques, features, benefits and disadvantages of various cloud services available on the market. But today we focus on another issue, a little bit different: the selection of the cloud provider, by analyzing in particular the reasons why often small provider are a better choice compared to big corporations.

Cloud Provider
Cloud Provider

As well-known, today three giants excelled on the international market of cloud provider companies: Amazon, Google and Microsoft, the three Big of cloud computing of all.

 It has been widely discussed about the so-called “battle between small and large provider”, and about as these corporations taking advantage of their power to offer technological products at very low prices to the customers. Many people think that the giants are making the competition very difficult for smaller players, which can’t afford to sell their services at so cheap prices, and that the battle is going in favour of the bigger ones. But we think differently, in fact in our opinion size doesn’t always matter! Now let’s see together why.

Small and medium provider, despite they are disadvantaged from the economical perspective compared to corporations, they can offer many benefits relating to the quality of the services and to a value-added, both in technological and human terms. Small players, to emerge in the scenario dominated by the cloud giants, have to differentiate as much as possible at the level of services offered, and so many of them have already done and keep doing it. Small cloud providers focus on the quality of service and especially in the relationship with the client: a very private interaction based on loyalty and collaboration, more confidential compared to the relationship between the Big cloud and their costumers, almost non-exixstent. The small companies’ strenght is just this: offer a consulting vision, care about the interaction with the client and follow carefully his technological project, reaching a good level of satisfaction according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Besides, often companies that are looking for cloud services need also expert staff to help them and guide them towards the right solution selection, as well as cloud infrastructure management, maintening and monitoring aspects. Especially for businesses that need a tailored and customized service and that need to be helped from the management point of view, choosing a small or medium size provider is the most suitable solution.

Indeed giants, despite they have the possibility of selling products and services at a lower price, they are not capable to give a personalized consulting or the care needed to ensure the customer’s business interests satisfaction. Big provider offer standardised services and don’t furnish tailored solutions based on the clients’ needs, able to improve their business productivity and to increase their profit.

Cloud Assistance
Cloud Assistance

Now that we got a bit closer talking about the kind of services offered by smaller vs big provider, we can easily notice that small companies can be very beneficial from various perspectives.

What do you think about? Can small and medium size provider be right for you? Find out what we can do to increase your business!

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