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72 Fortune Top100 companies and over 8,000 customers worldwide have chosen Dynatrace.

A leader in performance monitoring and management services, in performance management applications, offering enterprise-grade solutions, equipped with a high degree of automation and supported by Artificial Intelligence.

CriticalCase has partnered with Dynatrace, which has revolutionized the concept of governance by developing the first software that integrates all monitoring functionalities: Real User Monitoring (RUM), Synthetic Monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and application monitoring.

Thanks to an Artificial Intelligence engine, Dynatrace proactively monitors the entire IT system, detects issues and solves them before they can impact users, provides detailed insights on the user experience, monitors and manages the performance of applications and Cloud infrastructure.

Dynatrace benefits:

Digital experience optimization

With detailed analytics and the ability to visualize applications in the same way users see them, Dynatrace allows you to optimize and refine the browsing experience.

Performance and business metrics

With Dynatrace you get maximum visibility into all significant transactions: it provides comprehensive data on how performance affects business, helping you to increase revenue.

Performance management & applications

Dynatrace offers an intelligent diagnostic service, detecting application-level issues and solving them before they can negatively impact users and company reputation.

Cloud and container monitoring

Dynatrace provides constant monitoring of Cloud infrastructures, whether they are containers, public, private or hybrid Clouds, without any kind of constraint at the Cloud provider level.

Dedicated PM

Free PoC supported by a dedicated project manager.

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