Do you know the right strategy for online sales?

As we promised, today we will give you some advices to improve your e-commerce’s sales strategy and raise your online business.
In the last posts we talked about how to optimize the landing page and how to engage customers on your platform, accompanying them in the purchasing process until the end.

Today, instead, we will see some specific techniques that you should integrate to increase online conversions, with the purpose of maximizing the online shop performance.

Conversion rate
Conversion rate

1. A/B testing
How to check the efficiency of a marketing campaign? Easy, using this technique to test graphics and copy! This method assumes the creation of alternative versions of the same campaign and the testing of them to figure out which is the best. For instance, I can use the same copy and change the image, or vice versa: I can test any element considered as relevant, change it and discover which promotional strategy is more successful with my target.

2. E-mail marketing & remarketing
E-mail communications to potential consumers are an efficient tool to increase conversion, and they enable to do it by 4.1%. We refer both to traditional Direct E-mail Marketing campaigns (DEM), and to remarketing strategies, most recent. Thanks to data analysis tools, we can track users who visit our website and create tailored camapaigns to whom are interested in our products but abandon the shopping cart without a final purchase. We can send them promotional e-mails with personalized offers based on their interests, and sooner or later they will be convinced by purchase on our e-commerce: as we know, repetition has its impact! 😉

3. Referral Program
The referral program has the purpose of giving visibility to the company and it can be developed in many different ways. It involves the “referrals”, that are the company’s clients, who suggest, spontaneously or with a little incentive, to choose that business because of its products or services quality. The goal is to encourage consumers to talk about a brand or a specific product, with the ultimate aim to start the word of mouth mechanism (a classical example is “Bring your friend and you will be given a special discount”).

4. Newsletter with wish list
Among e-mail campaigns, the newsletter has a crucial role. The aim is to maintain the relationship with the client and to loyalize him, but also to gives him the incentive to purchase again providing him a list of products that he could appreciate. The wish list is created according to purchases made and products seen recently and it represents a sort of “remind” for the consumer, in order to convince him to buy again on our e-commerce.

5. Customization
The right offer at the right time! Once again the key-word is personalization: analyzing the client’s actions it’s possible to intercept his needs and desires, and anticipate them with a tailored offer according to his requirements.

6. Real-time support
And finally the last tip: to guarantee a real-time assistance service, always available to clear up all the doubts and issues of customers. The use of a support chat is an effective way to ensure the users about the possibility of a direct contact with the company, always available and, especially, immediate.

As you may notice, the fundamentals of a successful sales strategy are based on data analysis and customization. Indeed, modern market is characterized by an increasing demand of tailored services and products, in respect of which the client expresses expectations about the quality, the service and the flexibility of the offer. This involves the shift from product-oriented marketing to a customer-oriented logic, in which the relationship with the client become the centre of the business decisions. Therefore, the aim is to get the customer satisfaction, his trust and loyalty, directly relationated to the quality of the relationship that the brand establishes with him.
What do you think, have you already used these tricks to increase your online conversions?

Next time we’ll talk about e-commerce, but we deal with a different matter, useful to plan the marketing strategy towards the right direction…keep following us!

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