Industry 4.0 and innovation: what are the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution?

Today we are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution: the industry 4.0. As we have seen in the last post, the industrial productive system is rapidly changing and evolving thanks to the introduction of the internet and of new technologies of production based on the data collection and analysis, on connection between man and machines and intra-machines themselves, on the automation. But what are the specific technologies characterizing the new revolution?
A Boston Consulting research has identified 9 enabling technologies for industry 4.0:

Industry 4.0: collaborative robots
Industry 4.0: collaborative robots

1. Advanced manufacturing solutions: advanced interconnected and modular productive systems, therefore high-flexible and performing. Among the main systems we find robotics with collaborative robots.

2. Additive manufacturing: systems of production that improve the resource efficiency of materials, as 3D- printer connected to software of digital development.

3. Augmented Reality: use of augmented reality systems to support production processes.

4. Simulation: simulation between intelligent and inter-connected machines to increase the productivity and to optimize operations.

5. Horizontal and vertical integration: integration of information and data among all the areas of the supply chain, from vendors to end users.

6. Industrial internet: multi-directional communication among elements of production, both internal and external, through the introduction of the internet.

7. Cloud: implementation of cloud computing solutions and data management techniques in open systems.

8. Cyber-security: new security rules to protect data, more and more exposed to the dangers of impairment for the several internal and external connections.

9. Big Data analytics: analysis of large amounts of data to optimize production processes.

In this new landscape, what is the current situation of Italy? We will see it in the coming article, keep following us!

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