Unfortunately it is not possible to know with certainty when and if a disaster will hit our company or when it will be necessary to face a difficult period or situations that might affect the continuity of our online business. This is why in every business it is very important to create as soon as possible an effective business continuity plan.

However, Business Continuity goes beyond computer science, in fact, it is affecting the whole functionality and efficiency of a company, including physical and organizational aspects; it is therefore clear how the importance of business continuity planning, through a business continuity plan or BCP, represents one of the key aspects for a company. The lack of a Business Continuity Plan to manage unexpected scenarios would slow the company’s growth and even block the company’s economy for long periods of time.

Business Continuity Plan can be summarized in the sentence: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Now that we have clarified the need, let’s answer some of the questions that might rise from a first research.

What is a business continuity plan?

A Business Continuity Plan or BCP is a global process of primary importance for companies that aims to identify all possible threats and consequently all countermeasures that have to be taken to cope with possible adverse events (disasters, hacker attacks, data theft, etc…).

Where do you start and how do you make a business continuity plan?

There is no standard method or an ideal business continuity plan able to meet all the different needs of different companies. Each company is unique and, for this, requires the development of a specific Business Continuity plan. An important base from which to build an effective business continuity plan is a result of a complex planning process, which includes the identification of the scope and scale of the plan, the understanding of the business areas that it will protect, the identification of critical features and, finally, the creation of an effective plan that allows to perform all operations with minimal influence on the main operation process of the company.

A good business continuity plan, to be considered truly effective, must meet three main criteria: resilience, recovery and contingency.
Resilience: a Business Continuity Plan must provide the right answer to a specific question, absorbing the negative events without interrupting the main service.
Recovery: a BCP should be able to recover everything (data, information, etc..) gone damaged or lost, providing the original state of the process and its full functionality within the shortest time possible.
Contingency: offer a solution to every accidental circumstance. The Business Continuity Plan must provide the ability to survive at any sudden event without interrupting the operation or business growth.


To summarize, a comprehensive plan of business continuity requires a primary analysis, complete and thorough, of the company’s operation process, an understanding of how to recover the full efficiency, the analysis of possible scenarios that might occur and how to face them without interrupting, in any case, the overall business process.

Why Every Business Needs a Business Continuity Plan?

The period of time during a disaster can be long and stressful to deal with without the right preparation, in addition, the unreasonable decisions taken quickly and hastily can worsen the situation and cause further damage to your company. For this reason have a method or rather a pre-planned business continuity plan is a major factor. An adequate plan for business continuity, not only provides the ability to prevent disasters and limit the negative impact, but also offers companies a clearer overall picture of all the main aspects that make up their business.

Do you want an effective business continuity plan for your company?

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