The market of Cloud solution for organizations is constantly growing: year by year, is an upward trend at global level. Numbers confirm that most organizations is now finally aware of the benefits and value of Cloud technology. Cloud does not involve only several economic advantages, such as cost reduction, optimization of virtual environments and avoid wastage of resources and energy, but it plays a crucial role in the Digital Transformation of businesses. In 2018 Cloud Italian market reached €2,34 billions, increased by 19% over the previous year. Currently 82% of medium to large size companies uses at least one Public Cloud service, in 23% of cases for mission-critical processes (data sourced at Osservatorio.net).

Today the Cloud Computing ecosystem is rich of services and tools which can be combined interminably, by generating a great value to firms. Juggle different solutions available is not so easy. In this post we will make a short overview of the main Cloud solutions for organizations, highlighting key features and benefits of each services: the first step to choose the best solutions for your business is to be aware of the options and their differences!

Public Cloud

Public Cloud service is offered by an external provider which make at your disposal the IT asset needed to support the business. We are talking about a high-performance Cloud infrastructure, shared among multiple users. Public Cloud is a cost-competitive choice and allows customers to use pay-per-use billing model, by removing waste and paying just resources actually used. That solution si also high-scalable and provides high-availability thanks to the use of public resources. Infact, in case of downtime, loads would be redistribute among the other data centers ensuring the continuity of service.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud is different from Public Cloud for a main reason. The infrastructure is precisely “private”, that means dedicated to the single organization which buy the service. That solution guarantees a greater security and data protection because the customer has exclusive access and complete control on the infrastructure and corporate data. Costs are higher than public Cloud, but service is particularly suitable for all the companies of enterprise level and especially for who treat sensitive data and need to get compliance with particular rules. Even in this case is possible to use the pay-per-use model to optimize resources and up-keep costs.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is a solution which includes a mix of Public and private Clouds, designed according to particular business needs. That kind of service combines the benefits of both solutions and allows a high-customization of the infrastructural system and tools provided. Hybrid Cloud is surely more difficult to manage compared to other solutions, but also able to respond to specific requirements.

Virtual Data Center

Virtual Data Center (VDC) solution is dedicated to companies which needs a complex IT infrastructure, with high-availability and top performance. Firms can choose their favorite type of system (public or private Cloud) and can customize SLA according to their needs. VDC is a flexible service, with unlimited expansion possibilities (machines, bandwidth etc.) and total management independence. Even for this solution you can benefit from pay-per-use billing.

Cloud server

Cloud server service offers preconfigured virtual spaces to customers, providing to them direct access to the machine. Cloud server is sized according your business needs and it’s activated easily and immediately into the infrastructure. Cloud server solution ensures expandible bandwidht to cover any request and guarantees high-availability and scalability. It’s popular for its ease of set-up and use. Indeed, Cloud server is delivered to the client ready to use, equipped with the pre-arranged IT asset.

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Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting solution is ideal for sites and web projects which request flexibility and great performance. Cloud hosting features are suitable to any business need and online traffic generated. The service is very flexibile and scalable, able to support the growth of your business step by step. Cloud hosting benefits include custom SLA and maximum continuity of service.
In addition to he standard solution we offer Kubify, a managed Cloud hosting service that use Kubernetes containers and the computing power of Azure. It’s an innovative, multi-datacenter and hybrid solution able to get unparalleled performances. Kubify is a”turn-key” service completely managed by Cloud experts and includes free additional services as development environments, backups and more.

Cloud desktop

The last two solutions are designed to meet specific needs. Cloud Desktop (also called Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VDI) is a virtualization solution for desktop environments. It provides a virtualization platform to manage operating system, applications and data in total security. Cloud desktop removes any barrier of medium, place and time throughout the distribution of virtual desktops that enable employees to work in completely mobility and indipendence, with any device and from any place. It’s the best solution for your business if you need to optimize workstations, increase productvity and reduce costs.

Cloud backup

Finally, Cloud backup service, important to store and keep safe business data. It’s the ideal solution for who needs to maintain corporate data in outdoor buildings and in complete security. Cloud backup solution allows to plan automated backups with customized frequency (weekly, daily or hourly backups). Data are stored in selected data center, with protected and exclusive access and H24 on-site technical support. Cloud backup can be integrated with any disaster recovery policy and has no limits of space: you can make backups from simple data until virtual servers and complex databases. With Cloud backup you can make a fast recovery when it’s needed and it is able to adapt immediately to new space requirements.

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