User Experience is not everything!

Talking about e-commerce, often themes as usability and graphics are identified as the only factors able to affect the online conversion. But you should not forget about a crucial aspect: the infrastructure. Your website can be aesthetically perfect and easy to use, but if the loading page time is about 30 seconds, the average user will abandon your site and you will lose a potential buyer. The e-commerce success is affected by usability and appearance, but is influenced even more by performance, first of all by the speed of page loading. In the e-commerce field site speed is crucial. You know, who decided to buy online surely do it for convenience, but also for the speed with which the purchase may be completed.

According to a Walmart study, more than the half of users (51%) don’t complete the purchase if the website is too slow. In addition, 44% of unhappy users declare to tell to friends and relatives about the bad online experience, badly affecting them. For an e-commerce this means a loss of potential sales and customers, as well as bad brand reputation. But the alarming statistic is that only takes 1 second to reduce the user satisfaction. The damage in terms of lost conversions is done: just 1 second delay may cause a conversion reduction of 7%.

From the chart you may clearly notice that the website conversion rate goes down proportionally with the increase of a web page response time: more seconds mean fewer conversions. Reasons are quite simple to understand and are represented by the overload of contents offered in the internet: if the user experince is bad, the plenty of similar resources, if not identical, moves users to somewhere else (if I can not buy it here, I will buy it on a faster website).

So it’s clear that the site speed of an e-commerce seems to be one of the main reason of user dissatisfaction, other than, in “more serious” cases, of website abandon or not finalisation of purchase.

In view of the above, how can we increase our website speed and performance to improve revenues? We will explain you in the next article!

Meanwhile discover our optimized solutions for e-commerce websites, designed to get the best performance on the market.

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